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The new reference point for rolling doors automation

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Product Description
Unirotor is a new gearmotor for rolling doors automation that simplify the mounting operations.
All the gearmotors for rolling doors are, in fact, top mounted and this is usually a problem for the installer that has little space over the rolling door.
Unirotor is front mounted and so is really easy to install.
The connection between the parts are realized using bolt with nuts forced in the part: with this solution the connection are more stable and reusable for 20 years.
Our Activities
For this product we have designed every component optimizing the various parts for the different production processes: aluminium die-casting, sintering, plastic injection moulding, tooling.
We created a more compact design by connecting the limit switch directly to the gear and a new ring gear with a design inspired to the motorcycle wheel. The gearbox was also innovated creating an inner box very closed to the gear containing the grase.
Another innovation has been introduced in the connection system: forcing the nuts in the parts we reduced the fabbrication time avoiding to thread the parts and this results also in a better connection over time.





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