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Air quality monitoring crowd system

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Product Description
Smapper is an air quality monitoring crowd system that collects point by point real time data on air pollution levels and shares it with the aim of creating an air pollution map of cities and suggesting the cleanest and healthiest route available to users. 
SmapNode is our tool to generate NO2 maps of cities; it’s a simple device, to be installed on public transports in order to acquire NO2 and GPS data and send it to SmapServer that is a cloud platform that analyses and stores pollution data. 


Our Activities
This is an internal project that is currently in development. 
It starts from the assumption that the Health is the greatest asset of any person and to give information that could preserve it is fundamental for people. Today the informations we have about the air pollution are few, related to some fixed point of the cities, and difficult to find.
So we stated to create an air pollution monitoring system based on mobile and georeferrenced sensors able to measure air pollution levels in the streets and send these data to a server that collected and analyze them in order to give people air pollution maps.
Using smapper pollution map people can choose which way to go by bike, where go to run, where bring the children to have a walk.
We create the prototype of smapnode and now we are testing it within CNR researchers. 
The case we developed has been conceived to be easily mouted on rearview mirror os buses that are an excellent carrier for our devices.


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