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The rotating oven that increase pizza chef efficiency 


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Product description


Rotopizza is a rotating oven for pizza.
Thanks to its rotating plate the pizza chef can bake pizzas all toghether and let them cook without rotating, saving time.
To maintain hot the plate rotopizza has a system to recover the heat produce by the embers: wheh, in fact, the wood became embers these glide under the rotating plate forming a second heat source under it.
Rotopizza has a frontal panel to control the rotation of the plate, the airflow on the burning wood and the temperature inside.
The plate has 2 different speeds: slow to get in and out pizza and fast to bake pizza uniformly.
Our activities
The client, that produces ovens for pizza and rotisserie chicken by 20 years, contacted us to create a rotating oven for pizza. Speaking whith him and some pizza chef we understood that their need was to accelerate the baking operation and to maintain hot the oven floor mainly during the peak activity of the weekend.
We start our activities designing the camera that will be created using firebrick acccording to their tradition.
We stated to create an ovoid camera able to contain the circular rotating plate, and the fire outside it; in this way we could optimize heat diffusion from burning wood to pizzas and obtain a regular form to create with firebricks.
To maintain hot the rotating plate without inserting gas stoves or heaters we developed a system of recovering of heat from the embers that creates a secondary heat source under the rotating plate.
We developed a frontal panel where pizza chef can start and stop the rotation of the plate and can switch between slow speed, used to get in and get out pizza, and fast speed, used to cook. In this panel he can also regulate a ventilator to manage the airflow to the burning woods in order to control their consumption, the oven temperature and to facilitate the ignition of the wood. 





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