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Smart aerial drone inspection tecnology

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Product Description

mT-Panoptes is a thermal and optical multisensor to be fixed under the drones that thanks to photo-thermographic imaging is able to assess the individual panels within the large photovoltaic systems operating state.
It’s equipped with a thermographic and a photographic sensor positioned in the sensors case that can perform a 180° rotation thanks to a servomotor.
The sensors case is connected to the electronics case that contain the control electronic board, the video cards for images storage and the lithium battery. 

Our Activities
This version of mT-Panoptes comes after different prototypes created using carbon fiber sheets and waterjet cutting.
To reduce the fabbrication time considering also the low volume of production we stated within the client to produce the new version using 3D printing technology and carbon fiber reinforced ABS.
3D Printed technology left us a big freedom in modelling, the biggest possible, so we stated to create a sensors case similar to a camera and an electronics case having a shape that might be in harmony with it. We created an electronics case with a big vane to contain the electronics and 2 arms that embrace the sensors case and hide the servomotor and the cables.
The 2 cases were optimized for weigth reduction in order increase drone flight range.






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