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Innovation in small wind energy

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Product description
I-Turbine is small vertical axis wind turbine having a rated power of 6 kW.
It’s produced with three rotors having different dimensionions in order to choose the most appropriate machine based on the wind in the installation site.
It’s characterized by a design that allows it to integrate itself to the villas or to the shopping malls; it has, in fact,  a contemporary design and it’s less noisy than traditional horizontal axis wind turbines.
I-Turbine is equipped with a scada control system that allows it’s monitoring and remote control.


Our Activities
Our activities started with the blades fluid-dynamic optimization and their composites lay-up definition. Then we designed and produced the models used to creates the composites moulds necessary for blade shells fabrication.
Based on aerodynamic results we defined electromechanical characteristic of electric generator that has been produced by a specialyzed company; the generator structure was designed and dimensioned to support stresses generated by blades and arms.
Arms were designed in order to ensure strenght and stiffness, to be easy to install in site and cheap to produce.




E.D.I.M.E.C. (Cluster of companies)

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