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Reinvent the wiring of houses and offices

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Product Description

I-bars is an innovative integrated  solution for the construction of power and signal grids to be installed in residential and commercial environments.
The system, protected by patent, is based on a particular skirting board in which the mobile electrical outlets can be installed connecting to the electrical energy and the electronic signals at any point in the system.
The skirting board has an upper compartment where are placed the plugs and a lower, larger, in which the electronic signal cables are accommodated.
The installation of the system is given by fixing the skirting using common dowels without requiring brickwork.

Our activities 
The idea to create a new way to distribuite energy and signals in home and office borned by the need to have more and more points where access to the grids and to can move them according to our wishes.
By this reflection we start to develop the concept of a grid external to the wall and easy to mount and, overall, equipped with particular outlets able to be moved from a point to another.
Looking at a room we stated to integrate the grid in the skirting board inserting 3 copper bars connected to the grid in order to can have acces to the grid continously.
For this particular grid he developed the mobile outlet that can be inserted in whatever point of the skirt board and be used to connect our device to the grid.
So every time we need a new outlet in a new point we can insert the mobile outlet and connect to it.

More Projects